Friday, May 27, 2011

Play School

Last day of Playschool- May 26th

First Day of Playschool- August 24th

I can not believe how much Gracie has changed over the year! She is such a big girl now- 3 years old, POTTY TRAINED (yay), and wearing a big girl seat belt in her car seat, among many other things!

I have absolutely loved every minute of her play school days. We were so lucky that her Miss Tina and then Miss Jessica were able to take her twice a week to playschool. Grace learned so many new things this year. She can count past ten, knows SO many letters, loves to say her prayers before we eat, and made lots of new friends at school.

Her teachers were absolutely wonderful and Grace had so much fun with them. They made us this precious "scrapbook" of pictures and activities that they did over the year that we as working parents didn't always get to see. I am amazed at how good they were with taking pictures since I sometimes lack in that area.

It makes me sad that we won't be able to have this wonderful experience again next year, but such is life. Grace will adapt wonderfully to her new school and I can only hope that I will too.

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