Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Fun

We went to make sugar cookies at my grandma's (Gracie's great-grandma) house today. Grace liked the cookie cutters and the rolling pin, but her fingers kept getting sticky. The OCD was coming out in her and she really didn't like the sticky feeling. So she and Grandma went outside to play while mom and dad finished the cookies.

Grace's 4 month old friend Brooklyn came over to visit and Grace was trying to teach her to crawl. Didn't go so well!
We got Grace's "big girl" bed today- it's going to take awhile to get her used to that. Cousin Molly comes in March and wants to use the crib, so we are starting to work on the big girl bed.

It's already been a busy week and on Christmas day we will be heading to Fredericksburg for a few days.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

We held our First Annual Donuts with Santa at my school this past weekend. It was a great fundraiser for our school. Steven brought Gracie and they had donuts, made a christmas card and Gracie had her picture taken with Santa. This Santa is a special one- a good friend of ours. Gracie loves her Jeff and I think she recognized his voice under the Santa costume and did such a great job getting her picture taken! She just kept looking at him like "I know this guy!"
She saw a friend of hers, Brenden, who is almost a year old. She was talking to him and just carrying on a long conversation. Brenden was a good listener!:)
Gracie had a blast running the halls at Donuts with Santa and playing with the other little ones. She didn't want to go!