Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More summer pics!

This is Gracie and 2 of her cousins that visited from Missouri a couple weeks ago. I'm just now wading through summer pictures on my camera! We went to play at the sprinkler park and then the kids had snack...They had a blast!
Steven and I are back to work and Grace is back to Miss Tina's. So far the year is off to a good start!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer's Over...

It's back to work tomorrow for me and Steven and back to Miss Tina's for Gracie. Here are a few pictures from this summer- Gracie has been very busy. We were in Fredericksburg for a week, drove to Missouri for a week, then to San Marcos for a family reunion, Houston to visit family, and then Steven's family was here for the last 5 days. She was a very good traveler on all the car trips, but she definitly loves her routines and naps.

It seems every time we saw Omie and Pops (Steven's parents), she cut a new tooth.. We've seen them 3 times this summer and she is cutting her 3rd molar. They left today so hopefully this is the last tooth for awhile- I need a break!

She will be 18 months on the 27th. I remember leaving her last year at Miss Tina's when she was only 6 months- barely crawling. Now there is no slowing down for her!! She is talking so much! It's amazing how many words she has picked up this summer.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Slimy Baby

Sorry no pictures of this incident, but it was pretty funny to us. I have a box with a hinged lid in the den that I keep some of Grace's diapers, wipes and bottom cremes in so we don't have to go to the bedroom every time to change her. She was sitting there and she was a little out of sight from me but I heard the box opening and shutting so I knew what she was doing. Then it got quiet for a few minutes and I looked around the couch to see if she was there and she was, with an OPEN vaseline jar. She was rubbing vaseline all over her legs. By the time I got to her it was in her hair and she had it all over BOTH legs and her hands were covered in it. She got so mad when I took the jar away  but quickly calmed down when she got a bath out of the situation. She always wants to put lotions on her like mommy so  I think I am going to have to be more careful about what she has access to! It was funny!