Thursday, July 15, 2010

4th of July

We went to the fourth of july parade in my parents neighborhood. Grace was REALLY into the candy that was being thrown from the people in the parade. We went the next night to see the Rockwall Fireworks show. She was SO excited about the fireworks! They really wore her out though! She was asleep before we even got out of the parking lot afterwards!


We went to the 4th Annual Pesek Family Reunion down near San Marcos at the end of June. She had a great time playing with her 2nd cousins that are her age. She swam and ran around and played. We headed to Fredericksburg for a few days after that to see Omie and Pops a little bit more. She loved on Annabelle and Nester (the donkeys) most of the time that we were there.

First (and Second) Movie

We took Grace to see her first movie at the Studio Movie Grill at the end of June. They show kids movies - the same one every day for a week- at 11:00 for super cheap during the summer. We took her to see Curious George. She kept hopping from the seat with us to the seat in front of us. She did really good and made it through about 45 minutes of the movie.
Later that night we went with some friends to the drive in theater to see Toy Story 3. She had so much fun and was afraid to sit still anywhere in case she fell asleep. It was a really great night to go and she had a ton of fun!