Thursday, December 17, 2009

We held our First Annual Donuts with Santa at my school this past weekend. It was a great fundraiser for our school. Steven brought Gracie and they had donuts, made a christmas card and Gracie had her picture taken with Santa. This Santa is a special one- a good friend of ours. Gracie loves her Jeff and I think she recognized his voice under the Santa costume and did such a great job getting her picture taken! She just kept looking at him like "I know this guy!"
She saw a friend of hers, Brenden, who is almost a year old. She was talking to him and just carrying on a long conversation. Brenden was a good listener!:)
Gracie had a blast running the halls at Donuts with Santa and playing with the other little ones. She didn't want to go!

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  1. That is a cute photo of Gracie and Santa. Just look at that big smile. Merry Christmas Gracie!!!! I will miss you and be good for mommy and daddy on Christmas break. Oh and keep you clothes on Girlie Girl.